Our Intent

Inspire connection, awareness and mindfulness through sustainably produced apparel

Mantra tee

Super soft bamboo blend
Bamboo Benefits
incredibly soft
Thermo regulating
Anti bacterial
Odor protection
Moisture wicking
Eco friendly
The clothing
is the ritual
Our Story

Awear is over 5 years in the making, but it’s development goes well beyond clothing; our brand represents a lifestyle of gratitude. The obstacles we’ve encountered have only reinforced the values which Awear stands for and has deepened our exploration into mindfulness.

The ritual of awareness has truly elevated our life experiences and relationships. Even small moments of reflection and stillness have enriched our lives. Knowing how profound an impact this can have, our passion to share this perspective drives Awear forward. Our apparel is that invitation—a small ritual you can choose to incorporate into your routine. We’re incredibly grateful for you, thank you for joining us in the journey.

Awear audio experience

One part metaphysical, one part scientific, the Awear Audio Experience explores the growing role mindfulness and meditation have in modern society. Join hosts Reed Campbell and Sean Levitan as they draw connections between psychotherapy, physical wellness and self growth in their ~20 minute episodes.

Doron Levitan Discusses Learnings from 11 years of Meditation

In this interview with somatic therapist Doron Levitan, we explore how emotions can manifest in the physical body, how we define new moments, and how to enrich your relationships.

Hosts Reed and Sean Examine Science vs Meditation in Today's World

In this segment hosts Sean Levitan and Reed Campbell discuss the scientific underpinnings of meditation. They discuss imposter syndrome, the ‘goals’ of meditation, and techniques to draw more value from your meditation practice. The speakers also dive deeper into the concept of ‘intention’, and give actionable steps to improve intention-setting in daily life.

Dr. Leon Segal on 30 years of Design Thinking, Creativity and Meditation

Dr. Leon Segel joins Reed Campbell and Sean Levitan to discuss the intersection of ‘design thinking’, creativity and mindfulness. This segment focuses on Dr. Segel’s background as an “innovation psychologist”, and continues to examine the parallels between meditation and problem solving.